Through strict quality control, on time delivery and cost management we here at Takayama Kasei are aiming for the top.
By acting as an OEM of a wide range of products we will do everything we can to fulfill our customers needs.
Feel free to make your enquiry, and we guarantee that we will make everything we can to fulfill your request.


インテリア資材 INTERIOR

Shaping personalities through a variety of designs.

By utilizing recycled material we are revolutionizing the interior flooring market. With a wide range of colors and designs we can offer you a product that will fill all your needs, whether it`s in residential or commercial facilities, hospitals or schools. We are happy to offer you top of the line products that will brighten up your day.


自動車用遮音シート CARS

For a more pleasant ride.

With the goal of giving you a safer and more comfortable drive we hereby present you with our sound insulating and sound absorbing components for cars. Together with our customers we have developed unrivaled soundproofing materials for cars such as luggage compartment and floor mats, cowl side insulators and much more.



Creates a silent and peaceful indoor environment.

While most people only think about what is visible to the naked eye, we here at Takayama Kasei realize that the inside is just as important as the outside of your walls and floors. Therefore, we here at Takayama Kasei spend a lot of time developing the perfect sound insulating material in order to give you the calmness you deserve to have in your own home.



Pleasant temperature and sound level.

Undesirable noises doesn`t always come from other people. This product is made in order to lessen the noise from machines, such as air-conditioners, in your home, office etc.



Simple, fast and easy creation of manuals that "communicate" with videos

Changes in business operation procedures and the content of traditions change from moment to moment, and it is necessary to be able to easily respond to manual changes. You can solve it.