We are only using the best material and people
in order to give you the product you deserve.


There are two kinds of sounds in this world.
There is the one, which is pleasurable for the ear to listen to, such as singing birds and murmuring rivers. However, there are also tons of noises that are annoying to hear, such as cars honking or barking dogs.
Making you feel relaxed and comfortable in you own home, free from unwanted noises, that is the mission of Takayama Kasei.


Sound can be transmitted either through air or by vibrations in a material.
One way to stop these sounds is by insulating or isolating an area by introducing a material which prevents and kills the sound waves or vibrations.
Another way is by sound absorption or vibration damping which converts the energy into heat inside of the material.


All of our products are being produced in Iga City, about 1 hour from Osaka.
Our machines and products, as well as our employees are top quality and capable of providing you with the product you’re wishing for.
Being certified with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 we can guarantee that the performance and reliability of our products are top notch and has been produced the right way.


You can find recycled material in almost all products that you come in contact with in your daily life such as cars, electronics and interior products. By focusing on improving the technology we already have, we will continue to explore the possibilities for us to grow and produce even better and cleaner products.