For an environmentally friendly society.

We here at Takayama Kasei believe that the most important aspect for us humans to prosper is to create a greener and healthier earth for us to live on.
With environmental issues being high on the agenda lately, we believe that everyone needs to do their part in our common endeavor for a brighter future. Through recycling and re-using we are aiming to utilize our earths limited natural resources as efficiently as possible and not let anything go to waste.
We have managed to develop a way for us to use recycled PVC, rubber and olefin resin to manufacture state-of-the-art flooring tiles and sound insulating material.
We will continue our journey through the 21st century with pride, not only thanks to our products, but also because of what we stand for. To create a better earth, for all of us.


Company name
Takayama Kasei Co. ,Ltd.
Noritoshi Takayama
60 000 000 JPY
April, 1965
Head office
Osaka-fu, Yao-shi, Otashinmachi 3-133 (Japan)
TEL : +81-72 949 6510 
FAX : +81-72 948 1043
Mie-ken, Iga-shi, Yamade 100-1 (Japan)
TEL : +81-59 526 7373 
FAX : +81-59 526 7388
Site area
About 5,000 tsubo (16,460.31㎡)


April, 1965
With a capital of 10 million JPY and the goal of creating top class PVC products Takayama Kasei Industries Co. ,Ltd. was founded in Osaka, Japan.
January, 1971
Moved to Yao City, just outside of Osaka.
Began the production of sound insulating materials for cars.
August, 1976
Established Takayama Kasei Industries Co., Ltd. with a capital of 10 million yen for the purpose of manufacturing and selling vinyl chloride products.
August, 1985
Established a factory next to the head office in Yao City.
January, 1987
Began the manufacturing of building material.
December, 1987
Established the consolidated subsidiary Taiho Co.,Ltd
December, 1988
Changed name from Takayama Kasei Industries Co.,Ltd to Takayama Kasei Co.,Ltd.
May, 1989
Began the production of laminated products.
May, 1999
Established [Qingdao Huadie Plastic Products Co., Ltd.] as a joint venture with Chori Co.,Ltd in Qingdao, China.
June, 2000
Acquired ISO9002 [Innovative management for small-medium sized enterprises]
January, 2001
Opening of new factory in Iga City.
September, 2008
For a smoother running production line all production was moved to the new factory in Iga City.
June, 2009
Acquired ISO14001 [Environmental management system] at the Iga factory.
July, 2009
Increased its capital from 10 million to 60 million JPY.
August, 2011
Management systems ISO9001/14001 was integrated.
lso establish the labour safety management system (normative references: health and welfare labour notification No. 117).
May. 2012
Acquired the occupational safety management system certification.
October, 2013
Recieved “Manufacturers SME support” from Small and Medium Enterprises agency.
February, 2019
Recieved the 4th “Manufacturers SME support” from Small and Medium Enterprises agency.
November, 2019
Regarding quality, environment, and occupational safety management systems, from November 2019, we transitioned to our own standards and completed external certification.


For our earth, and its people.
I want to keep doing it all the time.

We aim to re-use and recycle as much material as we possibly can in order to give our earth time to recover and become a better place for all of us to live on.

Through challenging, yet rewarding, jobs we ensure our staff both a professional as well as a personal growth. We believe that the health and safety of our staff is the most important thing in our pursuit of success, we therefore regularly conduct health examinations and try to improve the working conditions in our factory.


  • We are following all the local and national rules and regulations, as well as the health and safety management provisions on the workplace.

  • We move forward with efficient use of our resources and energy.

  • We push forward by reducing our waste with proper management and disposal.

  • We strive to develop a product that is eco-friendly both in its use and production.

  • We do not let our neighbours get disturbed by any smell, noise or pollution from our factory.

  • We enforce annual reexamination of ongoing projects to evaluate environmental effects and set policies, purpose and goals for the coming year.

  • We only use machines and products of the highest quality in order to ensure a safe and sound workplace as well as top quality products.

  • We enforce every co-worker to know our environmental policy thoroughly and improve their consciousness by environmental education and training.

  • We do everything in our power to meet our customers needs and demands.