For a more pleasant ride.

With the goal of giving you a safer and more comfortable drive we hereby present you with our sound insulating and sound absorbing components for cars. Together with our customers we have developed unrivaled soundproofing materials for cars such as luggage compartment and floor mats, cowl side insulators and much more.

For a quiet and pleasant drive.



Make your drive safer and more comfortable

One of the most common complaints from drivers is that their cars are to noisy, this product ensures you of a calm and relaxing driving experience, free from unwanted noises.

Mold processing of recycled materials

We here at Takayama Kasei believes that the nature is what is most important for us in the future, we therefore use recycled materials in all of our products in order to preserve the nature.

Block out engine noise

We have products to be used by the dashboard, this effectively removes any noise coming into the car from the engine this way.

Eliminates unpleasant sounds transmitted to passengers

Everyone has experienced difficulties of having conversations in the car due to the noise level being to high, our products won’t just benefit the driver, but also the passengers.